This is the highlights of our conference last week, “EXCEEDING OUR LIMITATIONS”. For the first time, 18 brand new churches were planted and 8 takeovers and one of them was from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. Kindly tell the Tempe Congregation, THANK YOU for all your prayers, we really appreciate all your efforts for our church here in Davao especially “The Focused Fire Ministry.” Again, Thank you and God Bless!!

Pastor Frank Buenaventura (Davao City, Philippines), Nov.'19

We have been seeing God do some great works with new people getting saved and I baptized 5 people 3 weeks ago and a few more need to be baptized. God is visiting us at this time but know that not with out a fight for the devil does not like what is happening, so please send the prayers of the saints up to heaven. Thanks

Pastor Artie Marin (Betim, Brazil), Nov.'19

Over the 3 nights of the production we had about 125 visitors and 24 decisions. I want to appreciate everyone’s prayers as I felt a sustaining and protecting presence of God throughout the performances. I believe this was a direct answer to the prayers of our church and FF partners. Please help us pray that we will have people added to the church as a result of this.

Tempe Disciple, Kevin Teeling (regarding the "Madhouse" Halloween Outreach), Nov.'19

We would like to thank our Focused Fire partners, Pastor Aulson, and the Tempe church for your prayers and support!  Your prayers have been impactful for this work. We had a great time last weekend for the Healing Crusade here in Addison...  God gave us an open door to pitch a tent for a healing crusade in the center of Addison, Hallelujah! We had 10 visitors, 4 people saved, and 1 of those visitors show up to church on Wednesday night.  The Holy Spirit ministered to many people and were touched by Jesus!  What an awesome privilege to represent our Fellowship and our Lord Jesus Christ in this city! Attached are pictures from the event. Thank you!

Pastor Nick Russell (Addison, IL), Oct.'19

Greetings to all the Focus Fire Partners, I just want to begin by thanking all the prayer partners for praying for Brazil. God has been doing some great things over the past couple of Months, our last Focus fire we had been praying for some new converts and some couples for salvation. All of those who I requested prayer have gotten saved and filled and God is moving on their lives greatly. We have been seeing visitors in almost all services with new converts bringing people to church which several have prayed and received Christ as their savior. Our bible study has been packed as well with people getting saved and this Saturday we will baptize 5 people in water and following up with a communion service and a BBQ. As you know we were able to take 4 people with us to the Argentina Conference and it was an absolute powerful time, all who went came back refreshed and renewed with a greater vision which was a great blessing. I want to especially thank P. Aulson and the Tempe church for this investment and all the prayer partners for their continual prayer for this Nation. God Bless

Pastor Artie Marin (Betim, Brazil), Oct.'19

While we were the FF we had a man come to Church that came w/his wife a while back just to please her but, he ended up pulling her out of the church and his marriage has completely fallen apart. Before he would come to church w/a bad attitude and never answered the altar call. To my surprise this time he answered the Altar call completely broken, weeping like a child he even came back for the pm service and went to men's discipleship w/me. Please pray for him that he would go forward in Christ and that his marriage would be restored and healed. (Johnathan and Diana Powell) Also, the outreach went great we had 12 people pray 11 of those were young men. Which is unheard of from my experience. 95 percent of the people that pray on an outreach are women. We have been praying for men. As it isn't very difficult to get women to come to Church. And God moved! One man in particular (Richard) that I followed up on promised he'd be in Church this Sunday.Please pray for him. I followed up with phone calls. But this Saturday I'm going to visit them. Please pray for our follow up efforts. Especially Richard and Tony. Thanks...

Pastor Salvador Ortiz (Skyline, CA), Oct.'19

just wanted to inform you God helped us Saturday, first with the weather as we did a outdoor event and a great turnout. We had well over 50 people in attendance from the area (couldn't get a shot of those in the back), had a great gospel presentation and 3 answered the alter call at the event publicly. It was awesome, now just working on them to come on out for church!

Pastor Santino Juarez (South East Portland, OR), Oct.'19

(re: Thomas Watson Revival) we had a tremendous time in revival we seen so many people come in. The place was packed every single night some nights standing room only on Wednesday we had all of our faithful people in attendance.  I want to thank Tempe for all your prayers and sacrifices

Pastor MacArthur Jr Smith (Worcester, South Africa), Oct.'19

We have incredible news for this week with Pastor Buchholz! I'm sorry it took me some time to email you back but we just had a baby girl in the middle of the revival!!! Our family just added a new member! Her name is Jenaiah Lyn! On to the revival  ----Our church has been really blessed by the preaching! we have had several men be challenged by God to preach and rise up to fill in new ministries in the church! Powerful street outreaches by the guys on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday night have been incredible, they have prayed with alot of people!! We are believing God few fruit that will remain and that the power of God will raise up couples that are ready to be sent out!! God bless you and all our focus fire partners!!  God is Good!!!!

Pastor Francesco James (Hamrun, Malta), Oct.'19

(The Revival with Pastor Joe Rice) went very well a number of people were touched by very timely messages! Really helped stir a couple of the people who come regularly! Thank you so much for your prayers

Pastor Jonathan Greene (Bonita, CA), Oct.'19

Everything was clear prior to the surgery so the doctor delayed the operation. It sounds like God heard our prayers! Thank you

Pastor Nick Russell (Addison, IL), Oct.'19

Had a Great first service in Laveen! Our plans were to have service in the park on Sunday morning. Received a phone call from a lady (June) looking for a church in Laveen, plans changed and had service inside her Home!  Total of 4 visitors 9 of us total, all 4 visitors received Jesus into their lives and are now ready to serve God with and build His Church! They also requested for Wednesday services so we did that and was Holy Ghost! 🔥

Pastor Coy Yancy (Laveen, AZ), Sep.'19

12 new decisions for Christ during revival. Tonight they have (Thursday) having their first marriage class/ dinner @ the resort...40 couples signed up should be a time!. Then Friday fly to Santo for 2nd leg of trip. Keep the prayers coming. Tremendous opportunity. Pastor Rodney has 13 churches out with a number of grand baby churches and great grandbaby churches. They just got back from Fiji conference 2 weeks before I got there. They took 60 people to conference. Finish up Santo tonight. HEAD Out into the jungle island of Tutuba tomorrow four services then home Friday the 4th. People saved filled holy ghost healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. To God be ALL the glory.

Evangelist Bob Burrus (out of Tempe, AZ - from Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific), Sep.'19

I preached in 4 churches, 3 in the Guangzhou metro area, and one in Dongguan.  They ranged from a small pioneer work to the leadership church in China, pastored now by Bart Kooijker from Holland.  The others are Chinese pastors, discipled and planted from within China.   It is gratifying to see the development of the churches in China, especially for those of us who have labored there.  The meetings went well, powerful dimension of the Holy Spirit, the people very open and attentive to preaching, and very responsive at the altar. We had just a few visitors, some saved, some healed...overall very fruitful investment in the works there.  Many thanks to all who prayed.

Evangelist Bob Mammen (out of Tempe, AZ - after a recent trip to Guangzhou, China), Sep.'19

God is good and Alonzo is in the healing process and back home. Doctor's had mentioned of a second surgery but praise God there was no need of it. We are very blessed to be a part of focus fire, thank you for your prayers  GOD BLESS!!!!

Pastor Albert Esquivel (Seco Mines, TX), Aug.'19

Thank you for your prayers for our focus fire week. We had a park  outreach and family fun night, with lots of support from Pastor Watson and Pastor Raderstorf. A big thank you for all of those who came out to help us. We had many visitors, 7 souls gave their lives to Christ. We had one visitor on Sunday. Praise God for all He is doing in Avondale.

Pastor John DeVivo (Avondale, AZ), Aug.'19

We appreciate the prayers for North Charleston during focused fire. We had complete dominion in that apartment complex during our block party outreach. We had a rap group, jump castle, refreshments and even a hotdog vendor help support us. We had a local DJ from a radio station there to help promote our church and bring Jesus into the community. One man got saved during the altar call and a visitor come to church from it. Many people that we are still working with and an open door to go back and do more events in that area. Thank God for the prayers of the faithful saints and we’re believing God for lots of fruit!

Pastor Christien Sims (Charleston, SC), Aug.'19

David and Graciela arrived safe to Bucerias, Nayarit on Saturday evening, with their two children, God gave them grace in their 36 hour bus trip, the furniture  also arrived a week before them, without any problems and they are living on a house already. They are very excited for the new challenge ahead of them, They want express along with us a deep gratitude for lifting them up in prayers.

Pastor David & Graciela Lopez via Pastor Gustavo Galvan (Bucerías, Mexico), Aug.'19

We have been in Portland Oregon for a little over a month now and God had been so so good to us! Arriving here July 2nd we already had a home, secured a Job and it has been a blessing. We established some relationships here in the North West, and got some impact team coming up Come on somebody! Me and my family have been hitting it hard w/ 1 on 1 evangelism and every time we ARE praying with people, there is NOT an outreach we do with out someone praying! We are currently working w/ a few folks and still looking for a Comm. Center or something for our Sun Am service. Thank you so much for your prayers Tempe Wing and the SV congregation

Pastor Santino Juarez (South East Portland, OR), Aug.'19

I would like to share a quick testimony and prayer request. In January of last year, I heard that the leader of the Mexican Mafia in Arizona is from Guadalupe. He had just been released from an 18 yr prison sentence & his name is Ray, so I tried to locate him so I could witness to him but I couldn't find him and nobody would tell me how to get a hold of him. In October he got busted again and sent to county jail. I prayed for him the whole time, then in April 2019, God moved,  I met a girl that said she knows him and she has contact with him. I asked her to ask him if I could visit him in county jail. She came to church the next day and gave me his info and said he wants to meet with me. Since the last week of April until recently, I've been visiting him every week. He's received Jesus, he started reading his bible & praying every morning. He said he's one of the main reasons why Guadalupe is the way it is. He's 54 and regrets the life he lived. For his safety no one in Guadalupe knew we were talking but the last 2 weeks he gave me permission to let people know he received Christ and this last Sunday we did video visit with him in our church service. Ray was sentenced today to 11 years in prison. Please pray for SUPERNATURAL PEACE & PROTECTION, he will be making some very important decisions within days of getting to prison. Pray that Jesus will make himself real and that Ray will wholeheartedly follow Christ. I told him that since he received Jesus, life has barely begun and that he will make great impact for Jesus! Thank you!  

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), Jul.'19

We have just completed back to back revivals and seen God’s hand in healings, words, prophecy and salvations.  

Pastor Brett Birkholtz (Mossel Bay, South Africa), Jul.'19

Dear Kevin and all beloved saints of Tempe and all over USA, our sincere congratulations for your Independence Day, the 4th of July! Let us all remain independent but on one thing: the grace of God! It has been some time since we sent a report on how things are going on here, in Moldova. We will not say it is always easy and comfortable to keep going, but we do go on, taking the gospel to the streets of Chisinau. The nice weather helps us with that, besides we have some revivals scheduled for the next weeks. Some powerful preachers from Russia, ex drug addicts, are coming for the churches in Chisinau so we could do with some prayer backup for the next week! Other than that, the church is regrouping, contending for the morning prayer, tithing and offerings for the world evangelism, new strategies to touch our neighbourhood and winning back the backsliders. No rocket science, right? Sending you the best regards, we hope you are all in good health! Sincerely,

Pastor Vitalii Glopina (Chişinău, Moldova), Jul.'19

I want to thank focus fire & the tempe church for their prayers. God has been answering our prayers. I been giving studys on the tithe & offering to the church in sunday evening service. And 3 people already giving their tithe to the lord thats a miracle..... We also asking for protection from a witchdoctor. He’s been working against the church so we ask prayer protection...there is one disciple brother his name is Mario zamora praying for him so he can be totally serving God. God bless tempe church & our fellowship...

Pastor Arnulfo Teniente (Zacatecas, Mexico), Jul.'19

 just wanted to give a praise report, yesterday we had almost 200 people on Outreach, we seen at least 22 decisions for salvation, there were also a few group prayers that weren’t recorded. We had a visitor this morning come and get saved from the Outreach yesterday. He showed up tonight for prayer and the service. God is moving in La Mesa, thank you for all your prayers.

Pastor Alvin Malan (La Mesa, CA), Jun.'19

God is so good brother Kevin! After being convinced all I had was girls in me I begin to be bold and ask God for a son!! Many people even in my own church (just before I was launched) tried to discourage me in a nice “don’t get your hopes up” and “God doesn’t move in that manner” sort of way! But I believe my God does whatever He wants! Whenever He wants! And we kept praying even late into the pregnancy!and on My fourth child (just like my pastor) my God, gave me my boy! Because the desires of our hearts He wants to give us! His name is Jeremiah Joseph Greene (Jeremiah is the name God wanted me to name him Joseph is named after my pastor! My spiritual Hero!) I’ve promised God ima do everything I can to train up a man of God! I’ve dedicated him to God! Before it was my dream to put him in a patriots Jersey and live my carnal dreams and desires through my son... since I’ve changed and God has helped me release some of those old passions I believe He gave  me my son because I’m willing to give him back to him! I’m so blessed and excited! Please pray for my son! God would raise him up a Man if God absolutely nothing less will do!! Thank you for your prayers and be bold in the things we ask for!!! God bless you sir!!

Pastor Jonathan Greene (Bonita, CA), Jun.'19

last focus fire we had been praying for the family of a disciple and his Mom who are very faithful in the church. We were lifting up his Dad (Cezar) and his Brother (Daniel) for Salvation, two weeks ago I did a movie outreach in the plaza and his Dad came out with his mom, when I pulled the altar call 5 adults came forward for salvation and his dad was one of them PRAISE GOD!!!. The following Sunday evening his brother and his girlfriend came out. God is moving on this family, please continue to pray for Liliani, Gabriel, Cezar and Daniel. I just want to thank all the focus fire prayer partners for their continue support for Brazil.

Pastor Artie Marin (Betim, Brazil), Jun.'19

we had asked for prayer for healing for a young boy named Justin with brain Cancer a few weeks ago. He was just cleared as cancer free.  Thank you Jesus!

Pastor Cory Buchholz (El Cajon, CA), Jun.'19

Thank you for praying, two saved and one healed from a fall and had pain in back, knee and foot. She was supposed to go to the doc because she couldn’t put pressure on her foot but after we prayed Jesus healed her and she was able to stand on it!!!! Praise God!!

Tempe Disciple, Joshua Netzer, after a Friday Night Healing Crusade at Jaycee Park, Jun.'19

I wanted to thank you and the focus fire team for all your prayers; we believe Albino Torres made heaven his home. I prayed with him a few days before he went into the coma. He passed away last night and Gods mercy and grace was with the family.  We ask that you keep the Torres Family in your prayer as the next couple of days will be difficult for them. On behalf of my wife and her family, once again we thank you and this ministry for your prayers.  God bless you,

Pastor Albert Esquivel (Seco Mines, TX), Jun.'19

We really appreciate your prayers and thoughts for Jennifer’s sister Jackie. The operation was successful and she is now recovering in the hospital. The prayers of the saints were incredibly important. Thank you very much! She’s recovering from the surgery and is healing. Thank you everyone for their prayers. It’s a miracle she was able to walk away with no permanent damage. Thank you!


Pastor Nick Russell (Addison, IL), May'19

Josiah was released early this morning. He seems ok, but he’s still sleeping since 5am this morning. We’re just keeping a close eye on him. Thank you and everyone for their prayers.  

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), May'19

I’d like to share of what God is doing here in Chisinau, you probably heard a day before we had to take the flight to US, I felt a severe pain in my right side, I had to call the ambulance and in 1 hour I was operated because of appendicitis, I’ve been ok, I’ve slept good that night )), next day Doctor let me go home, After I got home I started to follow up on people by calling them, had some #to call, one guy answering asked to meet now, I didn’t even succeed to tell who I am, in the end we met, he looked frustrated, agitated and started to be aggressive, he wanted to sell me drugs, than I told him that he has to repent and that he doesn’t have much time for that, his face looked thundered, and God’s conviction was upon him, he prayed and Sunday came to church, that’s powerful and I’m really encouraged, Tuesday we did a bible study and he brought his girlfriend who prayed at the end, besides this guy there is one more his name is Alex who came from outreach we did on Saturday, we have 3 other people new converts that I follow up with them, it’s a real revival for me, please pray for these guys Vasile, Alex, VAlentin, Serghei, Vlada and Andreea. Now I understood the key for revival dear pastors is to cut off your appendix))). Thank you  

Pastor Slavic Leah (Chişinău, Moldova), May'19

Please take note, include Peter and Hieu in your prayers for we are sending them to another district about 21 kilometers away. We already started another English Club there and as soon as they are ready they will transfer and start a new work. Thank you for always including us in prayer. Yes, we were announced last Conference for Taiwan. We are turning 7 years in Vietnam and my pastor want to plant another church but no one is willing to go so I asked if the pastor who took over the Church I first pioneered who is also my disciple can take the Vietnam church, I can go. By doing this the pastor taking would be able to experience what is to be a missionary and in 1 year be ready for a pioneering work and Vietnam church will also be ready to be nationalized. Hopefully all will be well as this is not the work of man. Thank you again,  

Pastor Kenneth Mata (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Apr.'19

Thanks Kevin and all the Focus Fire saints praying for us this last week. We have one new guy who has been coming faithfully in the last two weeks and is already coming to outreaches. Today because of the faith of faithful sister in our church we had a tremendous open door with the parks and recreation of Apache Junction. Being past the entry deadline we were still allowed to set up a booth at the annual Easter egg hunting event that allowed us total access and interaction with a crowd hundreds of local families. All receiving tracks and church fliers. This was our first time at this event as a vendor. We are anticipating a good Easter Sunday crowd with a followup Resurrection Dinner immediately after morning service. Praying for fruit that will abound and remain.  

Pastor Kim Bates (Apache Junction, AZ), Apr.'19

All is well in Guadalupe! We are pressing in and seeing people saved on a weekly basis. We also have had 2 new families come to church in the last 3 weeks. We're believing God for a break through!! Thank you for your prayers!!  

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), Apr.'19

Truly we have felt all your prayers during this time of conference. We started with a Big Bang! With our Beloved Pastor Mark, welcoming all our Pastors and Wives with their respective delegates. Powerful sermons were preached that challenged all the workers in the Kingdom of God. Our attendance was remarkable reaching more than 1400 delegates in spite of our other two conferences in the region.  The highlights of this, by the Grace of God was, We were able to announced 12 brand new churches in the local area and one international which is in Taiwan. Glory To God! Truly, He is the Lord of Harvest. Again we would like to appreciate all you supports especially with your prayers. Thank you and Be Blessed!  

Pastor Frank Buenaventura (Davao City, Philippines), Apr.'19

Our revival with Pastor Fisher was amazing, timely words, amazing preaching, one saved, young man came every service got gloriously delivered from drugs.  God is moving here in Pittsburgh, thanks for your prayers and support.  

Pastor Jeff O'Brien (Pittsburgh, PA), Apr.'19

I would like to add a note of thanks for the much appreciated prayers for Debra and her family in the passing of her mom. In her words she doesn't know what it would be like going through this time without the blessed prayers of the Focus Fire saints. Thank you very much.  

Pastor Kim Bates (Apache Junction, AZ), Apr.'19

God opened a door 1,300 sq ft. building on the main st..Were excited for this up coming revival. Thank you for all you do for your prayers through this ministry.  

Pastor Albert Esquivel (Seco Mines, TX), Apr.'19

Thought I’d give you an up date, I got sick with fever and come to find out I have the flue , should be cleared up by Thursday when our revival starts with Pastor Fisher. But out of that, My disciple stepped up to the plate, ran outreach, preached Sun. morning and evening. We had six visitors sun. morning and 2 saved. Also He started a bible study at comm. college, today was his second one 13 people came and 4 young men got saved.  God is moving here in Pittsburgh, we are seeing breakthrough, thank you for your prayers and helping this move of God.  

Pastor Jeff O'Brien (Pittsburgh, PA), Apr.'19

Praise God, We recently got into our new building, we are seeing visitors, what were praying for is our youth to stay focused, praying for high school down the street for revival, we have new converts praying God raise them up, we need musicians, people are getting saved, but alot of distractions in our city, praying for conversions, key people, we step into revival with Pastor Alphy Fisher April 4-7 , we are in a brand new area, divine contacts, miracles, our outreach will be march 30th and april 6th, praying for divine weather it changes so rapidly. Pittsburgh has 2.5 million people, the harvest is ripe, we are seeing momentum , unlike any year thus far, pray for retaining fruit … thank you for your faithfulness and prayers.  

Pastor Jeff O'Brien (Pittsburgh, PA), Mar.'19

Greetings from George. God’s doing a work and it’s a blessing to be able to partner with our daughter, baby and granddaughter churches here in South Africa. We’ve had to re-organize ourselves with the Pillay family leaving for Jeffery’s Bay and I’m just so thankful that there were willing people stepping up into crucial ministry helps. We also hosted two revivals thus far, with Evang. Bob Burrus and then also with Ps. J.D Ruiz who preached at our daughter church in the township of Thembalethu. We had a blast of a time with both of them and are currently preparing ourselves for Ps Joe Rice who will be in South Africa from the 22nd of April until the 30th. We’ve also had an area march in the township of Kwanakwaba where Ps Blessing Nkosa is pastoring and spent the whole day impacting his area which ended off with a Music Scene which was well attended with 5 salvations.  

Pastor Randal van Staden (George, South Africa), Mar.'19

First I want to thank the focused fire team for praying for our ministry trip last month. God greatly helped us. We saw souls respond to the call to salvation and we also saw people receive miracles of healing. There was a tremendous presence of God at our rally and the saints were greatly encouraged. Our outside salvation/healing crusade was excellent. People from the neighborhood came out and responded to salvation. God's hand was helping us in every aspect of the ministry in Honduras. Thank you and the prayer team for your prayers.  

Pastor Lado Esquivel (Eagle Pass, TX), Mar.'19

God is on the move in Tolleson! We just signed the lease to a building! The building is both affordable and in a great location, which is exactly what we prayed for. God gave us extreme favor with the landlord and we were able to rent the building for $1000 less than advertised. In addition, I was able to modify the lease however I wanted and got to choose my lease term. The building is on the main strip of downtown Tolleson in a high traffic area. We are so grateful for all the prayers of focused fire and the support of our mother church in Maryvale. Thank you all again for your prayers, we are excited for what God is going to do next! God Bless,  

Pastor Nathan Oropeza (Tolleson, AZ), Feb.'19

I have an excellent testimony stemming from the Focused Fire week for our Church on the week of December 16-22nd. That week we received notice that our lease was to be renewed with not only lower rent; but with 1/2 rent due the next month! in the current economic climate; this was astounding news. Additionally, we broke our attendance record that very Sunday after our Focused Fire week. Since then, we broke that number two more times, with the recent being a Service with Pastor Fred Rubi the Sunday after conference! we have been seeing visitors and people saved nearly every service. God has blessed our church members as well; with two men receiving new jobs, which is something we contended for in our Focused Fire week. Thanks again for your ministry - We take our Focused Fire assignments seriously; as we continue to see tremendous fruit from it. In Christ,  

Pastor Manuel Oropeza (Alhambra, AZ), Jan.'19

Great news! Adrian has been cleared of needing a kidney transplant. They are treating him with some steroids for his condition but already all of the swelling has left his body. Praise God and thank you all for your prayers! God bless,  

Pastor Justin Carl (Temecula, CA), Jan.'19

9 adults including me and my wife 6 kids including mine… 1 rededication and 2 decisions for Jesus on the first bible study sir! Robert has a religious background but you can tell he can tell the difference… he was touched… Lina is my neighbor older lady all the way to the left. Very lonely and needs a touch of God And Desiree and David are Denise’s cousins but are very very open both responded to altar call  

Pastor Jonathan Greene (Bonita, CA - a report on the first Bible study in their home on 1/11/19), Jan.'19

I wanted to take a moment and share what God has sparked in Buckeye... During our revival services with Pastor Dodd the Lord came through service after service! The spirit of revival was evident among the congregation and there was a special liberty that the Spirit of God had! Several timely words were given and there is a fresh charge and renewed focus with the saints! Without a doubt something has happened in Buckeye and the fresh fire of revival continues! We appreciate all the prayers and the ministry of Focused Fire! Keep the faith!  

Pastor Thomas Watson (Buckeye, AZ), Nov.'18

Both me and my 3 year old are cleared up from the pneumonia. also our landlord lowered our rent from 1000 to 600 a month. praise God... I'll let u know more testimonies as they come in... thank u focused fire  

Pastor Vince Savarese (Nashville, TN), Nov.'18

I can’t explain it God is moving so powerful in this city we are seeing God save men it’s been an awesome time. I really believe we are nearing a tremendous breakthrough thank you pastor and the Tempe congregation for all your prayers and investment. We are pressing the battle to the gate. Pray for us we need some women so these guys can get married. Only God knows what the next chapter is but we are seeing breakthrough.  

Pastor MacArthur Jr Smith (Worcester, South Africa), Nov.'18

By God’s grace, we are experiencing the entrance of the Tipping Point. God is sending more Thais that have locked in and are now regularly attending church. We have just recently concluded a Revival with Ptr Steve Rodriguez-Zapata of Perth, Australia. Outstanding nights, there were healings and refreshing presence of God.  First night was allotted for all the singles in the church and a good time to share God’s ideal partner for them through God’s word.  

Pastor Ramon Jungco (Bangkok, Thailand), Oct.'18

On a good note I prayed the sinners prayer with my dad about two weeks before he passed so I praise God for that. The church is doing well we had our first movie outreach on the 29th. We had help from our mother church in outreaching and we had some show up in support at the outreach. We are excited to say we had a great turn out, about 27 people and 2 saved. Our church is excited we are seeing growth.  

Pastor Albert Esquivel (Seco Mines, TX), Oct.'18

We have been busy since last focus fire all that were prayed for fell into place. We have seen men getting saved we got a building an owner told us no three times on.  Tonight is our first service we are so grateful for all your prayers and for the Tempe body. We are truly seeing god move. To all my peeps in Tempe no way to express my gratitude for all your prayers and your investment is definitely paying off in precious souls.  

Pastor MacArthur Jr Smith (Worcester, South Africa), Oct.'18

It is very interesting that Hurricane Florence was aimed directly at us, then turned and was aimed directly at Christien and Shannon. They were evacuated, and had to leave. However, Florence turned again and went exactly between us, barely fitting. So neither of us got the brunt of the hurricane. There is a big mess to clean up, but no damage for either of us. Thank God, he answers prayers!  Thanks for the everyone's time on their knees,  

Pastor Rick Buchholz (Fayetteville, NC), Sep.'18

Charleston was actually spared any major damage from that hurricane (Florence).  It was reduced to just some wind and rain for us.  We are fine here.  If you can just continue to pray for our new converts to lock in and grow that would be huge for us. Thank you!  

Pastor Christien Sims (Charleston, SC), Sep.'18

Just wanted to let you know how our revival week went. Sorry it is so delayed I have very busy. We saw new converts during the week, our church core was faithful to all services and we saw many miracles with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in full operation. We also had miracle money for the expenses and are still seeing miracle increase in the church finances. Thank you again focus fire partners for the prayers. God bless,  

Pastor Justin Carl (Temecula, CA), Sep.'18

I want to give you report about this weekend with Pastor Mammen. On Friday night we had a crusade across from a liquor store, 6 saved and 4 Healed. Saturday night we went to Carmen's house(lady from church) we set up in her back yard, she invited her friends and family. We had a rap group from Chandler and Pastor Mammen preached, several were saved and 4 miracle healings! Its was like in the book of Acts when Cornelious invited his family to hear the man of God!! Sunday services were annointed, 4 visitors came from the outreach and we had our largest crowd on Sunday evening..25 in service!! 1 backslider was powerfully refilled with the Holy Ghost!! A lady brought her idols to church so we could throw in the trash!! Holy Ghost!! I thank Pastor Mammen for his ministry and I thank everyone that has prayed for my wife's healing, she is slowly improving but still needs a miracle. We've been going through many more trials especially with our disabled son. But GOD is faithfully building His church!! We are not backing down, we are violently pressing the gates of hell!! Also please pray for special services this coming weekend with Evangelist Frank Romero from Tucson. Thank you!!  

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), Sep.'18

We are seeing visitors in our Wednesday and Sunday nights and praying with people on outreaches. We are fighting the good fight! Thank you  

Pastor Nick Russell (Addison, IL), Sep.'18

We’re doing very good, my daughter is getting bigger daily, God blesses us everyday with peace and joy here in Moldova. 

Pastor Slavic Leah (Chişinău, Moldova), Sep.'18

We have exiting time with Pastor Aulson here in Zwolle (Holland) Conference. We just bought a car so on Monday we'll drive back home (2000 miles) and I'm only one driver. So we really need blessing and travel mercies for trip. Best regards to all saints from Tempe wing. 

Pastor Lado Esquivel (Eagle Pass, TX), Sep.'18

We just got back from the Cambodia Rally. The two churches there will soon be turned over to the local. Pastor Perry and sister Josie will go to Kazakstan. Ptr. Adrian and sis Jasmine Asir will pioneer a new church in Malaysia soon. I believe you knew about our recent problem with the local authority who asked to stop our activities. Since then, we needed to give up the $1,800 building because we do not know if we can still use it or when can we get back gathering in that place. The owners were in the states in that season and they could not do anything. But by the grace of God, I believe God has been answering your prayers: 1) We were able to find a 3 storey house which an ideal size for us now at only $1,200 a month. At the ground floor we were able to put up a Coffeeshop which help us in "being allowed" to gather people in our English Free talk. 2) About 4 students from our English Club plus 2 new students who just joined us when we were about to close and transfer are now showing Faith in God. Some of them join the church and pray in the morning. We did not see this happening in the old building for a long time. 3) One student, his great grandmother was in the hospital, unconscious for 40 days for she got some injuries on her back. She was in oxygen and even lost her memory. This student named Ka, prayer for her and the next day she "woke up", restored and remembered everyone. 4) Some of our disciples is having a financial breakthrough. One couple had a debt of about $4,000 testified that they are already debt free. Her, husband Son Joseph (the one I'm training to take over) was hired back to his old company and is being paid at 215% higher than his previous job. Joseph is the one facing all legal matters (building rent & the Coffeeshop). He faces the local authorities and even testified of God's power in his life to them. 5) We have a couple, Vu and Pink, who are already married (2x in their hometowns) but because they are not yet married in the church which will be on September 19, they decide not live together yet. Amazing commitment to God. Thank you so much for praying for us. Please continue to pray specially for the Church's Registration. It is really hard to find a way to do that here. The chairman of foundation in Bangkok, Thailand who are helping our church there to have their registration will be coming on September here in Saigon to check us out and see if what she can do to help us. We are praying for a NEW DOOR to be opened so we can legally exist in Vietnam. We need favor among men, key people to lead us and wisdom to do all these. Please send our regards to pastor Mark and sister Michele. We are praying for them. God bless you! 

Pastor Kenneth Mata (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam), Aug.'18

We have exiting time with Pastor Aulson here in Zwolle (Holland) Conference. We just bought a car so on Monday we'll drive back home (2000 miles) and I'm only one driver. So we really need blessing and travel mercies for trip. Best regards to all saints from Tempe wing. 

Pastor Vitalii Glopina (Chişinău, Moldova), Aug.'18

We were blessed with a more stable building at Formosa Primary school. It's a building separate from the school, but on same premises with our own entrance. We applied 3 times in the past for this building without any success. We used a community hall if available, but due to riots that broke out, we had to move to another community hall in a more central area. The community also tried to burn the hall down. We kept on praying and trusted God for favour. On 30 July 2018 I was looking for another venue for our next service and received a phone call from the principal and he said I must come and see him urgently. I went there immediately and he said we can have the building for R200 per month and we can move in on the 1st of August 2018. On the 31st we signed the contract. I put on a safety gate to secure the building and they said we do not have to pay rent for the first 4 months. I was so overwhelmed that I offered them R500 a month. We had our first midweek service on the 1st of August 2018. On Friday 10 August we had our first movie outreach and 36 people attended 8 got saved and 12 recommitted. God is really good and faithful. Glory to God 

Pastor Andrew Isaacs (Plettenberg Bay, South Africa), Aug.'18

God is moving in Guadalupe, last Wednesday we street preached after service and 7 were saved in about 10 minutes. People are open and desperate. Thank you!! 

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), Aug.'18

Greetings from Betim Brazil!!!  First of all I want to begin by thanking all the Prayer Partners for their Prayers for a building, we just signed a one year lease with a 2 year option at an outstanding price. I’m dealing with the owner directly and he was willing to deal with me for a 3 month deposit which is very difficult to find, we had been looking for over a month and everything was either too expensive, needed to much work or the real estate company was too difficult to deal with. With much prayer and patience our God came through as he always does and we are very excited to say we closed today. It’s in a great location and not surrounded by any other church’s Glory be to Jesus, there were several buildings that we were interested in when we look at them on the internet but when we went to look were literally right next to other church’s, we didn’t even bother to look for that very reason. I just did a 2 day healing crusade for our church in Belo Horizonte and saw some miracles of healing and salvation, was a great time to labor together with the other church’s. I’ve been doing bible studies at my house on Wednesdays since we moved to the new city and have seen some visitors and some raw sinners respond to salvation, some fresh blood and I am excited, please keep praying for Brazil and thank you for your prayers God is helping us. 

Pastor Artie Marin (Betim, Brazil), Aug.'18

Wanted to give an update , the treatment in Mexico was, better than we thought. Glory to God !!! Thank you to all the prayer partners very much appreciated. Angie & I give Jesus Christ all the Praise.  Thanks also to Pastor Aulson & Tempe congregation. God Bless 

Pastor Ben Mavis (Peoria, AZ), Jul.'18

we got a response yesterday that we got a house, we put in an application and there was many many applicants, and we got chosen, God moved at a perfect time, were able to leave early from our current house and move in early in our new home. Thank you for your prayers :)  

Pastor Alvin Malan (La Mesa, CA), Jul.'18

we got a building…Holy Ghost. Its 1600 square feet right off the main road busy intersection it has 2 rooms and a huge sanctuary…all for only 1000 a month first 2 months free…. Also we have 3 people waiting for us to start so they can come to church and already tithing is at 800 month…. God is on the move 

Pastor Vince Savarese (Nashville, TN), Jul.'18

Thank God for His grace here in Phrakhanong. Thanks to the focus fire for continuously praying for us here. Last revival, God moved and strengthened the brethren. We were excited to witness the wedding of our first couple. God blessed us and giving us the favor to have a regular outreach attended by couples and young people composed of thais and filipinos. 

Pastor Erning Villasis (Bangkok, Thailand), Jul.'18

As I had mentioned we were ready to close on a house and building in the new city but on the day we were going to close on the building they sold the property and we did not get it so it must not be God. But at the same time we were looking for a building for Vilmar and a door opened for him this week and we were able to close on it so we are praising God for that. he will have his first service on Sunday morning. I also closed and signed the paper work for a house today and we were able to get in for three months deposit which is a miracle for us dealing with a realtor, usually unless you can find a owner to deal with you directly it’s almost impossible to get a three month deposit but we did. Glory be to Jesus. We will be moving next week to the other city but it all worked out because Vilmar is in and we are moving so that is great, God will open a door for a building for us soon I’m believing God and the prayer partners are praying, so once again thank you and all those that have been praying because God is moving. 

Pastor Artie Marin (Betim, Brazil), Jul.'18

We signed a 3 month lease on Tuesday well below the market value. We’re going month to month after that. We were able to move in with minimal improvements required. God supernaturally provided the resources.  We are still praying for favor with the city, landlord, other tenants and fruitfulness in our new area. Thanks, 

Pastor Jim Greenfield (Lemon Grove, CA), Jul.'18

Wanted to send a update. The day we started we got hit by a massive pickup and only had minimal damage to our vehicle. On June the 3rd the hand of god was upon us for sure. Could have been a lot worst. We have just moved in to our house in this city there are few rentals but we were able to secure what seems to be a pretty safe area and neighborhood. I have to say god is on the move we are trying to lock down a building please continue to pray for us as we pray for you. We thank all the faithful saints who pray and lift us up daily we definitely could not do this without you we love and appreciate all of you god bless. 

Pastor MacArthur Smith (Worcester, South Africa), Jul.'18

Just to give you an update on what has happened in the last couple of months since we were the focus fire target. Our church services have grown!  We are seeing faithful people being added to the core of the church. On our outreach we are having many people coming out. God has softened the hearts of the people and is helping them. We have men that are getting blessed through the jobs and also finding better ones! God is moving here in Malta!!! Thank you to all our focus fire partners, Best regards, 

Pastor Francesco James (Hamrun, Malta), Jun.'18

I just want to let you know that God has been answering our prayers. The brothers and sisters are now getting married. We will have 2 weddings this year and another one next year which are joining us for the Davao Conference. This couple are showing signs that they want to be ministers in the kingdom. Their names are Peter and Hieu. 

Pastor Kenneth Mata (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Jun.'18

Thank you for remembering us in prayers. Last time you prayed we experienced a real move of God upon our church and we are grateful for that. Thanks for the partnership! 

Pastor Maleke Taioe (Knysna, South Africa), May'18

We had four families saved today from our play. It was amazing how many people were saved on outreach also. We had 24 visitors! Thank you for your prayers. God is moving. We also are moving into a new building on a main thoroughfare in and out of Pittsburgh. 2000 ft.² God has opened an amazing door for us. Thank you for your prayer

Pastor Jeff O'Brien (Pittsburgh, PA), Apr.'18

We had 29 in our first service. Many of our folks were sick as the devil is attacking because we are going forward in our church. But they came to service anyway and they are all stirred and excited ready to enter in to all that God has in store for their lives. We had a family come back that was with us from the beginning but they stopped coming a couple of months ago. They recently got a hold of us and told us that they had been praying and that our church is where God wanted them and asked if they can come back. They came back today and rededicated their lives to Christ. Hallelujah! One of our sisters came in with back pain she could barely walk. I prayed for her and she was completely healed! God is helping us. Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor Salvador Ortiz (Skyline, CA), Apr.'18

Wanted to give the updated full report from the revival outreach this weekend. We had Pastor Vince Savarese come up for revival and it was a very refreshing time for us. On Saturday morning we hit the streets outreaching and had 3 decisions plus some other open people that we're following up on. In the afternoon we put on a concert/BBQ in one of our local parks and had tremendous favor with 25 visitors coming through and several others hearing the message on the outer areas of the park. We were able to pray for a little boy for healing in his eye as well. Saturday night was the highlight as a couple things happened. One of the ladies from a sister church has had severe eye issues. Pastor Savarese prayed for her before the service and her vision in one eye went from nothing to seeing light, which is a small miracle. Also on Saturday was an answer to our prayers for divine appointments. The cousin of one of our local pastors had just got out of jail and was checked into the hotel where we have been holding services. His daughter recognized the pastor and they came to church. In the service, the man, his wife, and his older 2 daughters prayed. Then Pastor Savarese gave him a spot-on word. He came back on Sunday and I've been able to stay in contact with him this week. We're believing that he'll lock in to the church. Overall we had 7 decisions and probably about 5 others who we witnessed to that were open for follow up. Pastor Savarese and I talked to a man on Sunday between services who had just moved up from Phoenix and was very open. I believe this will be a turning point for us. Thanks so much to the faithful folks in Tempe and our focused fire partners as well. We can't express how much we appreciate the support from Tempe that enabled us to hold this meeting as well as the prayers of the saints that made a difference this week. Kevin, the Focused Fire ministry is an incredible blessing to us. Looking forward to seeing you all at conference.

Pastor Kevin Teeling (Meridian, ID), Apr.'18

Well we won the case so we are good to go

Pastor MacArthur Smith (Worcester, South Africa), Apr.'18

I just wanted to let you know I got the keys for our building at the price we wanted. God is helping us. Thank you and the focused fire prayer partners for your prayers. God is moving in Skyline Hallelujah!!

Pastor Salvador Ortiz (Skyline, CA), Apr.'18

Greetings! We have just concluded our Revival with Ptr Bob Hall of Arizona. Three nights are all spirit-filled. There were healings and prophecies and words of encouragement, three got baptized in the Holy Ghost and another three got saved. We are refreshed. Last month, Ptr Bert Fledderus of Guangzhou, China ministered to us. It was a week of strengthening and healing.  We were able to water baptize three precious souls!  In Christ,

Pastor Ramon Jungco (Bangkok, Thailand), Mar.'18

Thanks for your prayers for our revival with Jerry Fussell.  So far, we had a pretty amazing weekend.  We prayed with 12 people for salvation on the outreach on Saturday.  We had 5 visitors come to the healing crusade - 4 answered the altar call.  We prayed for one woman who had pain in her hips.  She bent down then began to walk back and forth and the pain went away completely - praise God!  It was raining pretty heavy in the morning, but God gave us favor with the weather all day - not a drop of rain fell on us. We had 7 visitors Sunday morning with two miracles during the altar call.  One of the ladies in our church was suffering from migraine headaches and a young man who visited for the first time had knee pain (one leg was noticeably shorter than the other), both were completely healed.  All the pain was gone. We are looking forward to what God is going to do in the remainder of the revival. God bless,

Pastor Jim Greenfield (East San Diego, CA), Mar.'18

Jase is out of the hospital! He was let out today and is home. God touched him and he is feeling great and on his way back to normal. Thank you for all the prayers! He was sick and not getting better and when he was placed on the Focused Fire prayer list, he began making his recovery. It’s no coincidence, Jesus healed him.

Jase's father, Carlos Wuttke (Tempe, AZ), Mar.'18

Got some good news Jase was released from the hospital an hour ago . Thank you very much for all who prayed . God is good !!!

Pastor Ben Mavis (Peoria, AZ), Mar.'18

Thank you for putting us in focus fire. First we did a 2 night crusade in the neighborhood where 2 people were murdered in the last 2 months. In the picture you can see one of the shrines. The first night, everything seemed to go wrong, Coy rapped but the sound wasn't good, I did a gangster skit then Coy was going to Rap some more but the lights and sound went out. So I told Pastor Savarese to start preaching in the dark with no sound. There was over 30 visitors and no one left, it was amazing. I believe 8 people got saved that night. The next night, the people told us that it actually felt peaceful and quiet in the street and in their home. We took Dominion!! One young lady and her 2 kids got saved, filled with the holy ghost and came to church most of the revival. A 19 year old man got saved and came to church. He is out on bond and facing 17 to 25 years in prison for attempted murder. The revival was straight Holy Ghost. We had our first interpreted Prophecy and some words were given. So much more happened during the revival, I wish I could type as fast as I can talk. 32 were saved, 1 filled with the Holy Ghost and 2 Healed!! Thank you!!!!

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), Mar.'18

Want to give a report. Our revival with pastor Aulson was outstanding. Pastor Aulson's sermons ministered greatly to saints. God provided finances for all the needs of the revival. A couple that came out to the revival is still coming and since the revival two other families have come out to our services. The rally and revival in Honduras was tremendous! Souls responded to salvation and some received healing. Two outstanding miracles took Place. The first: brother Marcos Salgado is member of Yoni Gutierrez church. He has been in the hospital for over two months. He was extremely ill. A number of tests revealed that he had cancer in his blood. Due to his illness Marcos has lost 70 lbs.  Marcos was so ill that someone actually notified the mortuary to prepare for him. Three times the mortuary called asking about him. But prayer went up to the throne of God for brother Marcos. Marcos gained an appetite and began to eat. Another test was taken and while I was there the results came in and they revealed that he did not have cancer. Praise God! Marcos is scheduled to leave the hospital in a couple of days. The other miracle involved pastor Yoni Gutierrez's ten year old son, Mesac. A tumor had grown on one of Mesac's knees. Two tests were taken and both revealed that Mesac had cancer. He was being scheduled for chemotherapy. But prayer went up to the throne of God. Two days before i arrived in Honduras another test was taken and while I was there the results came and they revealed that there was no cancer. Praise God! God is a miracle worker! Thank you and everyone else involved with focus fire. God is answering your prayers!

Pastor Lado Esquivel (Eagle Pass, TX), Mar.'18

We finished up our 2 weeks of events here in Apache Junction with a total of 7 saved and a great revival with Pastor Hall. During this time, we had 4 visitors and 1 repeat potential disciple, Chris for 4 of the 5 revival services. Last week’s park outreach with the Zeros we saw total favor from God in the park rangers heart and many of the city’s youth hearing the gospel as we set up next to our local skate park. One young man did pray while the band played and there were Divine appointments in witnessing. Please pray for a young man named Tartan. He's 18 and backslide. His mom is attending the Mesa Potter's House and was just baptized. He needs to rededicate his life before life takes a turn for the worse. A shout out to our Tempe faithfuls for supporting the revival. It helps especially when there are few in number. Totally changes the dynamics for good. We appreciate all the outreach teams and prayer support as we carry the Gospel to Apache Junction.

Pastor Kim Bates (Apache Junction, AZ), Mar.'18

My son is out of ICU, and in recovery. Bandages are off. He’s breathing on his own. Talking like his normal self. GOD is GOOD!!  He is still in LA Children’s hospital for his recovery but everything is going good.    Please pray that he continues to heal; against any and all complications;  we are told transplant patients live with the possibility of reject at any time so believe God to continue to do a miracle in his body

Pastor Santino Juarez (South East San Diego, CA), Feb.'18

Really had an awesome time. We held the crusade in front of a local store and had about 9-10 visitors to the crusade, but they came throughout the event. We only had one person come up for healing. So we continued with some music and testimonies afterwards and that brought more people over and we were able to pray with them. One of my disciples gave his testimony for the first time and was involved with working with visitors so that was great as well. Overall that day we were able to pray with 10 people for salvation. And have made contact with a number of them since the crusade. That was our first crusade that I preached and I plan on doing them every month at that location. Thank you for your prayers! We really felt Gods dominion and help!

Pastor Tim Linklater (La Mesa, CA), Feb.'18

The Healing Crusade with Pastor Lado Esquivel started Saturday with a city wide outreach. The Chandler, Tempe, Prescott, Tolleson, N. Phoenix and Casa Grande churches came out for a day of outreaching, music and drama. At the end of the 5 night Healing Crusade, we had 61 saved and 11 miracle healings!!! We made huge impact in Guadalupe this past week, but still contending for souls to be converted. Thank you for your prayers!!

Pastor Paul Castañon (Guadalupe, AZ), Jan.'18

2018 started of with a great start. I had challenged the church to outreach and share the word of God with others, last Saturday we were on outreach in a square near the church building, there weren't many people but we kept on going with the outreach, all of a sudden we had the police come, not to shut us down, not to complain, not to ask us to lower the volume! But to tell us to keep going!! I spoke with them, gave them my testimony and the presence of God almighty fell upon them! Their eyes were being opened and the started to recognize that God is with us! It was an incredible outreach everyone in the church was exited and encouraged by what happened!

Pastor Francesco James (Hamrun, Malta), Jan.'18

Thank God for the Spirit of partnership. We thank God to have visionary leader like Pastor Mark and very supportive wife Sister Michele and you brother Kevin for leading this vital ministry, I also extend my deep appreciation for the Tempe Church. We're so excited during our December 31 testimonial service. A thai brother testified how he was challenged and convicted to obey God in the area of marriage. For almost 4 years this thai brother and sister were not living right. During his testimony he said thank God and now we decided to get married this February 24, 2018. Praise God !

Pastor Erning Villasis (Bangkok, Thailand), Jan.'18

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